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Dangerous Deck Posts

Improper deck supports can be hazardous

We often see decks that are built incorrectly. A common issue is called "side-bolting," where the deck beams are bolted to the sides of the support posts. The bolts that hold such beams in place are never intended to support the massive load imposed by the deck itself and the people who will stand on it.

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Why we are suspicious of the "recently remodeled home"

This basement wall was spotted with organic growths.


We recently had the opportunity to inspect a bank-owned house during its "renovation."

What was being deliberately obscured was frightening.

The house had been mostly vacant for five years. In that time, water had started to infiltrate into the structure and start the rotting process.

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When it’s not “Happily Ever After”

When a couple chooses to divorce, one of the most common sources of issues is the disposition of the jointly-owned home. An appraiser can be brought in to determine value, but what of its condition? The parties may disagree over the state of the property, which can lead to more conflict and pain. A Home Inspection from Inspections by Bob can be instrumental in providing information during a difficult period.

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Baby, it’s cold outside (and inside too)!


One of our neighbors is incredibly vigilant about maintenance. He changes his furnace filter monthly, keeps the shrubbery trimmed well away from the exterior, cleans his gutters twice a year… In short, he does everything we suggest homeowners do to keep their properties in good running order.

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Your Monthly Home Walk-Through

Broken Radon

This morning I did our monthly “home checkup.” This involves walking around the outside and inside of our house, quickly looking at the various components in and around it. Usually I don’t find much (although there are always a few “round tuit” items that never seem to make it to the top of the chore list — like the broken light fixture over our front door!), but this morning I did.

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How soon is “Soon” when it comes to roof replacement?

Cedar Roof

“Roof is nearing the end of its serviceable life and will need replacing soon.”

What does this mean, and how soon is soon?

The best way I can explain this is to relate a roof to car tires.

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“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!”

Coroded Panel

We often call out issues or defects during a home inspection that lead us to recommend evaluation and repair by licensed contractors. But sometimes that contractor shows up and tells the owner or buyer, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. The home inspector was paranoid.”

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