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You CAN rebuild an American Standard Vent-Away toilet without spending more than using parts from your local hardware or Superstore such as Lowe's, Home Depot or Wall Mart.

These instructions are for someone reasonably handy who is comfortable working on toilets and may have replaced fill and flush components before.

My home has 4 American Standard Vent-Away’s that were starting to “misbehave” soon after we moved in.  My Plumber told me that parts were no longer available and I would have to replace them.  However, since my units were MOSTLY wall hung and odd colors I was looking at over ,000 EACH to replace them.  Needless to say, I started to experiment to find a way to fix them.

What I found was that although the Vent-Away system was a neat idea, when it failed it broke the normal toilet functioning so that it BEHAVED as if it had a blockage… in truth Vent-Away are very blockage resistant. After spending money on snakes, plungers, plumber and rebuilt parts I found a way to rebuild the toilets to fuction like new (less the Vent-Away Function) with standard components.

The following Instructions will show you how to rebuild the innards of a standard or low two-piece Vent-Away toilet with new components from your local supplier. The fix IDEA may work with one-piece toilets, but the instructions won't be usable because you can't get to some of the parts and places I mention in my instructions.


Your toilet should look something like the picture to the side. The big gray thing in the middle is the “Vent-Away” siphon thingy… that is what we are going to take out….

This toilet has already had the original fill valve replaced… probably because it wasn't working right…  We are going to make it work like almost new, but without the Vent-Away thingy..


Looking at the Bowl, you should see something like the picture to the right. The big hole if for the water from the tank, the two smaller  holes to each side are for the tank bolts, and the medium sized hole in the back left if the VENT-AWAY Vent…


After we remove the Vent-Away stuff


Several Step later after removing everything and cleaning the tank...


Well,... I am not going to show you the magic but needless to say after you re-assemble the tank with some standard parts used in interesting ways, the toilet works as well as a new standard toilet.


If you would like a PDF copy of the COMPLETE instructions will all the photo and parts that you will need, please click on the link Below.

The link will take you to a Paypal window and then allow you to download the complete instructions.

If you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to answer them quickly.