New! Electronic Home Inspection Reports

Providing our Customers with High Quality Instant Reports

Inspections by Bob is going Electronic. After many years of searching for an Electronic reporting system, we found one that meets our requirements. It has taken us almost a year to finish the customization, but we believe that the wait has been worth it and we are proud to announce that we are able to offer our clients an improved home inspection that meets today’s tougher inspection standards with a digital, on-site delivery.

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What Does this mean for you, our Customer?

The premium services that set Inspections by Bob apart from the rest remain the same. We still review the report ON-SITE. Once we have done the physical inspection, we will take a few minutes to make sure everything has been filled in properly and do some other checks. We will discuss a variety of brochures and backup material with you and will then review the report, on-site, on our tablets. After this, we can revisit any items that you may have questions about.

In our new and enhanced reports, pictures are now located IN the report. Once we have reviewed the report and everyone both understands and is happy with the contents, we will then digitally share the report with the client and whoever they authorize. Depending on network availability and speed, it may be available instantly or in just a few minutes.

Quick Facts About our Improved Reports:

  • They are now delivered in PDF format. This format provides our clients with an easy-to-read home inspection that can be ready on-the-go and may be shared with friends and family.
  • The pictures are now embedded in the report. No waiting on copies or scans of pictures.
  • The home inspection report meets the NEW tougher ASHI standard for report contents. The new standard requires:
    • Description of the defect
      (Example: Very loose toilet in the 2nd-floor hall pink bath)
    • Ramifications of the defect if not obvious
      (Example: Water & Sewage leaks, stains to floor and ceiling below, health hazard, Rot,
      Possible Hidden structural damage)
    • Actions that should be taken
      (Example: Have licensed plumbing contractor remove toilet, check floor underneath for hidden damage and make any necessary repairs, reinstall toilet with new wax ring and caulk to floor)

Another difference that you will notice is that our reports have become more comprehensive. Where our reports used to be a predictable 16 pages + separate photos and brochures, the report is now in the 24-26 page range in an easy-to-access digital format. We will be proving a binder containing the pertinent safety brochures, backup materials and information about taking care of the home just as before, and the binder will have room for the report if you’d like to print it out at home.

One more Notable Improvement in our Inspection Reports

We have now broken the summary into parts to make it easier to work with. You will now see:

  • Hazards that need attention NOW – This section is not to be missed and includes needed, mandatory repairs.
  • Things that Need repairs – This section includes items that need repairs, but are not hazards are are negotiable items in the contract.
  • Risks that are part of the house – This section includes important facts regarding your potential new home. Are there unusually steep stairs or low ceilings? Does the siding contain asbestos? Find this type of information here.
  • Maintenance recommendations – This section includes notable items that should be budgeted into overall cost of ownership. You’ll learn about clogged gutters and needed painting in this section.
  • Things to watch or monitor – Here you will discover items that we believe you should keep an eye on. Is there a stain that is newly dry? Are there small cracks in a wall? These are issues that aren’t necessarily problems, but may become some in the future. Keep en eye on the items in this section.
  • End of Life items – Learn about home components that are still operating but are nearing the end of their expected lifespans. You’ll learn about aged furnaces and boilers here, and a roof that may need to be replaced in the next five years.

To sum it up: Our new, Improved Reports Convey a Better Value to YOU, the Customer! As expected, Inspections by Bob is here to provide you with the BEST, most comprehensive, expert home inspection services in Maryland. Contact us today with questions or get an instant quote by clicking the button below!


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