Concierge Home Inspections

For custom high-end homes, our Premiere Home Inspection may not provide enough information to give a discerning buyer a complete picture of the condition of the home. For buyers who want to know all the technical details about the home, we offer our Concierge Home Inspection.

Your Concierge Home Inspection will start with our ASHI-certified home inspection. We will then bring in trusted specialists to provide in-depth analysis of the various systems of the home. Their findings are then compiled into an easy-to-read report, which we review with you either in person or via an online conference. All contractors will be properly licenced and insured, and will be supervised by one of our home inspectors at all times.

Here are just some of the systems that will be included in your Concierge Home Inspection:

Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

Every element of the HVAC system will be examined by an expert technician, who will report on the unit’s apparent age, condition, relative energy efficiency, and expected service life, along with recommendations as to service and maintenance. The HVAC report will also include expected replacement configuration and cost for future planning.

Electrical System

A Master Electrician will examine all elements of the electrical system, including wiring methods and adequacy of the overall system. Any deficiencies will be identified, and the report will include a cost estimate for repairing them.

Plumbing System

This section will include an examination of all the water supply and waste pipes in the home, including scope images of the interiors where possible. The report will also include scoping the main sewer pipe from the house to the municipal sewer. If the property is served by a septic system, a specialist will do a complete septic inspection. Homes with well water will also get a complete water analysis.

Roof and Gutters

An expert roofer will provide an analysis of the condition of the roof, including expected replacement cost and a timeline for when a replacement should be done. The flashing will also be examined closely to ensure its proper configuration. The gutter and downspout system will be analyzed for proper installation and function.


A technician trained on the specific brand of appliance installed in the home will perform a careful inspection of the installation and all functions of the appliances. The report will include estimated replacement costs, along with the expected life and recommended maintenance of the appliances.

Termite and Pest Inspection

A trained pest expert will perform a complete inspection of the home for termites and other pests, and will provide a certificate of inspection that, with annual renewal, will serve as a warranty against future damage.

Optional Reports


A landscape specialist can provide a report showing the condition of the existing landscaping, along with recommendations for improvements and an estimated annual maintenance schedule and cost.


The structural integrity of the driveway will be examined, and the report will include recommended maintenance and estimated replacement cost.

Indoor Air Quality

A careful analysis of the air in the home will include any findings of airborne contaminants, along with recommendations for remediation and cost estimates for cleaning and filtration systems.

Security System

A complete analysis of any current home security system will be provided, along with recommendations for improvements to remedy any weaknesses in the system. If there is no system present, a thorough examination will be made to determine the best course of action to ensure the occupants’ safety and security.

Pool and Spa Inspection

If there is a pool and/or spa, a complete inspection will be made of the heating and filtration system, the condition of the pool itself, and the immediate surrounding area.

Structural Engineering Report

In cases where there may be concerns about the integrity of any of the structural components of the home, a licensed Structural Engineer will provide a complete analysis of the home and give recommendations on how the issues should be corrected. 

The Concierge Home Inspection Report

The reports from all the different specialists are compiled into a binder along with the home inspection report. For ease of use, the entire report is preceded by an Executive Summary that includes the major issues that should be addressed as part of the buying process, what should be negotiated, items that should be addressed in the short term by are not appropriate for the buying process, and the items that will need attention in the mid term followed by long term issues and considerations. In addition, the report will include all relevant model and serial numbers of all installed appliances, which will be checked against a database of recalled appliances.

As this inspection (or series of inspections) involves many companies and the consolidation of many reports and quotes, it must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. The complete report will be available within four days after the receipt of the last specialists’ report. Reviewing the report can be done in person at a location convenient to you, or via a web conference.

Concierge Home Inspection Cost

The charge for the Concierge Home Inspection starts at $3,000 for homes under 5,000 square feet. Homes between 5,000-7500 square feet start at $5,000, and 7,500-10,000 square feet start at $8000. The final cost may be higher depending upon optional reports ordered.

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