Non-Traditional Home Inspections

Divorce Inspections and Estate Planning in Maryland

When most people think of Home Inspection they think of a home sale or purchase. However there are many other instances where a Home Inspection may be valuable beyond a purchase or sale. Any situation where a party should know about the condition of a property so that they can plan for its future, what ever that might be, is where a Home Inspector becomes a valuable asset.

Financial Planning

Protecting your Future in Maryland

What a house needs in the way of maintenance and repairs should be accounted for in any long-term financial planning as the costs can be significant. Roofs, furnaces, windows, insulation and more are often needed but are not planned for as are kitchen or bath improvements or modification for accessibility. A surprise expense of a new roof could put a dent in any plan. Some renovations may need upgrades to other systems (electrical, HVAC, plumbing) that aren’t apparent, or may be omitted to make proposals look better.

Estate Sale

Providing Home Inspections During Difficult Times

Often the parties left to deal with an estate may know little about the property. They may live far away, or haven’t seen the property in years, or may not have been responsible for its maintenance even when they were there. Typically the property is sold “as-is” and only when a buyer’s inspector reveals issues do the executors discover ‘surprises’ that may require renegotiation or immediate repairs. A pre-listing inspection can inform the parties the state of the house, and all of its details, so they can make an informed decision of what to repair or upgrade, what to simply disclose, and what to describe before a buyer’s inspector finds them. Let Inspections by Bob help you navigate and understand the condition of the home during these difficult times.

Divorce and Separation

Impartial Home Inspections in Maryland by our Experienced Team

A divorce is never a pleasant experience. Egos and personalities all get bruised, assaulted, and every imaginable button gets pushed. What once was a safe place – one’s home — can become a battlefield. People who have lived in their home for years could be unaware that there may be conditions in the home which need to be addressed. What is needed is an impartial assessment of the condition of the home so that all parties can make informed decisions as to the best way to move forward to a settlement. 

A Home Inspector is Impartial

We have no interest in the house, or to any party or to any contractor. We don’t sell windows, furnaces or appliances.  Even if we are paid by one party or the other, we are there to provide information about the house, and its condition, so that informed decisions can be made.

It is what it is

To quote a popular detective show, “facts don’t lie.” Any leak is a problem. A 20 year old furnace is likely inefficient and has exceeded its expected service life.  A 19 year old roof with 20-year rated shingles will need replacing soon. Outlets that are wired wrong are a hazard. Missing insulation in the attic will cost the occupant money. Inspections by Bob can find and identify the issues in a non-biased educational manner, without passing judgment.  We don’t care if a professional did work, a member of the household did the work, or it was that way when it was bought. We will flag the issue regardless and without prejudice.

Someday is Here

All of the temporary projects and repairs that were going to be properly fixed “someday” now need to be identified and addressed. Almost every house has things that were fixed, repaired, or just patched up so that the occupants could get on with their lives. Some of these issues are just cosmetic, others are deferred maintenance, and a few could be major safety hazards. Then there are the maintenance chores that one or the other in the household has previously dealt with; having a comprehensive list of items and procedures that need to be serviced and followed can help the remaining party be more prepared to keep the house in good shape. Things like HVAC maintenance, shutoff valves, sump pumps, and the like are all addressed during the home inspection, and the inspection report becomes a valuable reference manual for keeping the home in good condition.

Knowledge is Power.

Often the matter of taking care of a house is split between members of a household and are assumed to be taken care of forever. Upon the loss of a family member, all of the responsibilities and knowledge of that person may be lost or unavailable and will need to be rediscovered. Inspections by Bob can identify the items and procedures that need to be serviced and followed so that the house stays in the best shape. Things like how to change the furnace filter, where the water shutoffs are, where the breaker panels are, and what that thing in the corner is, are all things that a Home Inspector can explain and identify during a Home Inspection.

Remote Inspections

Sometimes it’s not possible for a client to be present during the inspection. In these cases, we perform the inspection at the property, then upload the report and photos to an online folder that is shared with the client. We then review the report with the client either via phone, Skype, or in person at another location.

Choice of Inspectors

There are times when men just don’t get it, or they can’t explain something in understandable terms, or a specific gender inspector might not be appropriate. Fewer than 2% of all home inspectors in the country are female, and Inspections by Bob is proud to have one of them. As a husband and wife team, Inspections by Bob can bring multiple inspectors to a property, or, when desired send a specific gender inspector to the inspection and/or the debriefing.

No extra charges

To us, it is just another inspection. We routinely do non-traditional Home Inspections where people just want to know what condition their home is in. We call them “Home Checkups” and others may call them “Maintenance Inspections” but whatever they are called, there is no “up-charge” because of the situation. You’ll get the same comprehensive report that a buyer would get if they were purchasing the property.

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