Pre-Drywall Inspections

Building a new home in Montgomery, Frederick, Howard or Carroll Counties? It’s important to make sure all the structural components and systems are installed properly and safely. So much of what makes up a house is hidden behind drywall; once that is installed, it’s too late to easily identify and correct defects such as faulty ductwork or wiring, framing errors, and other potential safety hazards.

Our pre-drywall inspection includes a careful examination of the framing system, plumbing, electrical and heating system. We can identify areas where the energy efficiency of the home might be compromised by poor equipment placement. We carefully examine the structural elements of the home to make sure load paths are clear. We examine the wiring to make sure there are no potential safety issues are lurking within the walls. We will then provide you with a report containing our findings, which you can bring to the builder to have the issues addressed.

Pre-drywall home inspections generally take about 45 minutes per 1000 square feet, plus time to go over the report at the end of the inspection. If your builder requires it, we are happy to send our Insurance Information Packet. Also, if you have Inspections by Bob perform your pre-drywall inspection, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your Final Walk-through Home Inspection!

You’d be surprised at what we find in new homes!

Today’s homes are built with modern engineered materials, and these must be installed according to the manufacturer’s explicit instructions; improper installation could mean compromised structural integrity and could void the manufacturer’s warranty. To see some examples of new construction defects, visit our Hall of Shame.

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