Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Today’s housing market is highly competitive. Buyers are more cautious than ever about the condition of a home they’re considering. You can head off many of their objections by having a home inspection of your own prior to listing the property. Issues such as dirty furnaces, loose toilets and leaky faucets can be addressed before a buyer’s inspector can come along and flag them as defects.

Some realtors may discourage such a practice, since any defect uncovered by the home inspector becomes an issue that must be disclosed in the sales contract. This is true. However, your first potential buyer will almost certainly bring in their own home inspector, and once that inspector has uncovered defects, and the sale falls through, you are obliged to disclose those defects anyway. So why not deal with them before such a situation can occur?

The advantage of having a pre-listing inspection is that you won’t be spending time and money marketing a house with unknown defects.

Our pre-listing inspection includes a thorough examination of all the systems in your home, just like a home inspection for a real estate transaction. At the end of the inspection, you will receive the full report, along with a summary page that can be used as a “to do” list for getting your home ready for sale. You can then choose to either address the issues, or to disclose the issues and make adjustments in the selling price that reflect the work required.

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