How to confirm your Home Inspection

Inspections by Bob has recently switched the service by which we schedule our appointments and provide our quotes. Our improved system allows us to provide you with the best possible service.

01This is an example of your inspection confirmation email. To sign the agreements, simply click the “click to view and sign your agreement online!” link, which will open a new window. The “pay online” hyperlink will take you to our credit card portal

02Unlike our previous scheduling system, there is no need to create a new account. The links in your email will be your main point to return to the agreements link if you need to make any changes.



Signing your agreements

03After clicking the “view and sign your agreements online” link, you will be brought to this page. Check the box confirming that you are the client, and click “Next”.






You will have a disclosure statement and a contract to sign – these do not need to be signed in a particular order. Click the green “Sign” button.




05This is the disclosure statement. Scrolling to the bottom of the statement, these is a box for your signature. You will type your initials into the box as 06indicated, and write your signature. After you write your signature, click the “Accept” button. If you aren’t satisfied with the signature you can click “Clear” to try again – just be sure you click “Accept” to process the signature.




08The contract will have the same signature box at the end of the document. Sign it in the same method that you signed the disclosure above.






That’s it! You will be brought back to this page. You now can also download your signed documents for your records. You do not need to print these documents or bring them with you for the inspection. The office will be notified that you have signed the agreements.



Paying Online



Follow the second link provided in your confirmation email that reads “Click here to pay online”. This will also open a new window in your browser to our payment portal.





This is the Inspections by Bob credit card portal. You will see the total cost for your inspection, as well as the address of the inspection. Please fill out all of the boxes to ensure a quick processing time.

You will not be charged until after your inspection.

If you have any concerns about our payment portal, or signing our agreements, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (301) 208-8289.

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