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Inspections by Bob is a family-owned and operated Home Inspection company. From our office in Boyds, MD, we offer Home Inspections in Montgomery, Frederick, Carroll and Howard Counties.

Inspections by Bob is Independent

As members of the Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA), we are not affiliated with any Realtor, nor do we market our services to Realtors. We get most of our business from referrals and via web searches. We do not rely on Realtors, contractors, renovators or any other business for leads. We do not need to worry about upsetting a realtor by “Nixing the sale” with a tough report. We only work for one client: you. We are also not a franchise and do not answer to any other company. The rules we follow are those set by the state of Maryland and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Inspections by Bob is Thorough

We take our time and average a bit more than an hour per 1,000 sq.ft of living space, including attics and basements. With paperwork and report discussion a small house can still take 2 ½ hours or more. A large house with issues can take a whole day. We take the time to look in all the corners, cabinets, crevices, crawlspaces and attics that you may not even know exist. Sometimes we will see something in one location that takes us back to another place, even somewhere seemingly unrelated. The house is constantly giving us clues and telling a story. It is our job to gather all the clues and put together the story for our client of what has been done and not done and what should have been done, or not done.

Inspections by Bob Provides On-Site Report Review!

We write our report as we are going through the house. Once we are done inspecting the home, we will go through the report with you, and answer any questions you may have, such as “where was that?” so we can go view the defect while we are still on-site. We also go through our binder and informational brochures that illustrate pertinent issues in the house. Your report will be emailed to you (and, if you choose, to your realtor as well) within a few hours. We recommend printing out the report and inserting it in the binder at your convenience, so it’s all in one place. To learn more about our new electronic reports, check out this page:

New! Electronic Home Reports

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