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Bob and Mrs. Bob will both be attending InspectionWorld, the biggest Home Inspection conference in the country. So will most of the best home inspectors around the country! Our office will be closed starting Friday, January 19, and will reopen for inspections on Monday, January 29. You can still make appointments online and by calling our scheduling line at (301) 208-8289.

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Inspections by Bob is a family-owned and operated Home Inspection company. From our office in Frederick, MD, we offer Home Inspections in Montgomery, Frederick, Washington, Carroll and Howard Counties.

Inspections by Bob is IndependentAs members of the Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA), Inspections by Bob is not affiliated with any Realtor, nor do we market our services to Realtors. We work for only one client: you. Read why this is important.


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We take our time and average a bit more than an hour per 1,000 sq.ft of living space, including attics and basements. Inspections can take from 2 hours for a small condo to all day for a large home. The house is constantly giving us clues and telling a story. Read why this matters to you.


We offer On-Site Report ReviewOnce we are done inspecting the home, we will go through the report with you, and answer any questions you may have, such as “where was that?” so we can go view the defect while we are still on-site. We also go through our binder and informational brochures that illustrate pertinent issues in the house. Your report will be emailed to you (and, if you choose, to your realtor as well) within a few hours. We recommend printing out the report and inserting it in the binder at your convenience, so it’s all in one place. Read more about our Electronic Reports.

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